Diego San Miguel

B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon '22


About Me

Hi, I'm Diego San Miguel, an incoming software engineering intern at Microsoft, engineering student at Carnegie Mellon, systems engineer in the CMU racecar club, member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, and active community member passionate about Hackathons, Booth, Greek Sing, and all things that make my university unique.

This website is a small showcase of some of my work and interests, feel free to reach out at diegofinni@gmail.com



  • Coding

    Java - Python - C - C++ - C# - JavaScript - TypeScript - System Verilog
  • Tools

    Linux - Git - Powershell - .NET - NodeJS - ReactJS
  • Methodologies

    Agile - Scrum - GitFlow
  • Cloud Familiarity

    Azure CosmosDB, ServiceBus - AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3

Summer 2020

logoSoftware Developer Intern

This past summer I worked as a software engineer in Microsofts Azure Cloud and AI division. Despite being remote due to COVID-19, I was able to enjoy a fulfilling internship where I worked on expanding the functionality and user experience of an internal notification platform used by 1000+ employees.

I worked in a .NET codebase where I expanded the delivery options of the platform to include Microsoft teams, allowing engineers to be notified by a bot. I also developed commands for the platforms' PowerShell client and added debugging features to the client for future developers. In order to increase the accessibilty and ease of use of the platform, I also created a React app that allowed employees to create new events to monitor and new notifications that could be tied to them.


Summer 2019

logoSoftware Developer Intern

During the summer of 2019 I interned at Phillips 66, an energy manufacturing company. This was a very exciting time since the company was undergoing a digital transformation, called "Advantedge 66." I worked on an agile web development team called "Digital Customer Experience" which seeks to reimagine the customer journey for our business to businesss e-commerce by creating a differentiated and seamless experience.

During my time here I learned crucial industry methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and GitFlow, refined my skills in web development with JavaScript, TypeScript, and React and became familiarized with Azure Devops and several AWS services. My work primarily consisted of developing API's in API Gateway, then integrating them with Lambda functions, and developing web pages in React and connecting them to the backend services I had created.



Logo by Vignesh Rajmohan


NextUp was a website that allowed people to vote on their favorite songs on a Spotify playlist to change the queue, and was developed by my team during the Hack112 hackathon at Carnegie Mellon.
The website won 3rd place overall and was developed using a React frontend in tandem with a Flask backend that utilized a Spotify API in Python.
Check out some of the code here!


Created a trading bot that executes a long short equity trading strategy using the AlpacaAPI brokerage. This included having to create a dynamic stop loss algorithm, and configuring a VM to run the bot during market hours.